Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's hump day

Yet again, although all day yesterday I thought it was Wednesday and was most perturbed when SYTYCD wasn't on at the right time. Or at all. At least I didn't wheel the rubbish bins out this time though. Yes I'm wishing my life away, hopefully that will slow down in a month or two.

Crafty wise, as this is the point of my humpy post, I've been trying to sort the troublesome granny problem...think this is the fault of the yarn. I just don't like the yarn I started with... so I'm thinking the first lot will become a dog blankie. I've made a few more with the prettier coloured yarn I bought at Lincraft two weeks ago, so I'll see if I'll keep that one going.

The only other thing I've done is read my little Japanese embroidery book ("
Scandinavian little embroidery") and was inspired to stitch this doiley:

Obviously the design is from there, I just added the text, as I don't believe Japanese people tend to say "cuppa".


  1. Not liking the yarn you started with...I can empathize... Usually takes a couple starts before getting it right for me too. Matti


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