Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where did Summer go?

Apart from melting in Adelaide, Summer was a non-event for me this year. I even moved house to a flat next to the beach, and went there once. For shame.

Lucky the interwebs can remind us of Summery goodness, for those that Summer passed by...

[Bondi beach 1959]

[Manly 1960]

[Bondi 1966]

[Coffs Harbour 1967]

[Surfers Paradise 1971]

[Picture credits via main link]


  1. what fabulous photos!! love them sooooooo much

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. These made me smile, and think nostalgically of summer when I didn't feel the heat terribly and used to enjoy it more.

  3. Surfers Paradise 1971 = WIN! I remember beachside sandwiches we used to get in the 70's from the yatchclub. They always had beetroot and onion in them. Then we would spend hours collecting ring pulls from cans to make chains. nice times


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