100 things

On my Drewzel List, one of the things I've been meaning to do is list one hundred things that make me happy.
So let's start...in no particular order:

1.  Staffies
Little fat puppies, fully grown dogs, Ozzy and Lola, all the babies, random people's dogs... Staffies are the best dogs ever. They're friendly and loving and make me smile.

2.  Crunchy bed sheets
I know people love the thousand count Egyptian cotton or whatever, and extreme softness is nice. But I associate crunchy thick white cotton with bedding love. It feels so fresh and clean.


3.  Old country properties
Places I'll probably never live but can only dream about.  Preferably with a rose garden and chickens.

to be continued...

1 comment:

  1. I like me a list!

    Dogs and puppies? tick!

    Crispy sheets? They were last week!

    Country house? tick

    Chickens? Still trying to convince MrS that it would be a great idea...


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