Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hump Day Roundup

Everytime I sit down to write this post (actually I always sit down to write my posts, I can't blog standing up) I ask myself where the previous week went...? And have no idea. I've been stitching here and there, but nothing finished. What I have been doing is granny squaring. And I can't quite explain why, but I've been neglecting my lovely Bendigo cotton in pretty colours for grannying with supermarket acrylic, in questionable colours. No I don't understand either. It may be that the supermarket acrylic withstands Ninja attacks better, or that I get a buzz about being able to buy wool along with cat food, or that it's easy to cart about (as it's not in the giant Bendigo balls)...but I don't think that's the reason why.

And I have a quandry ~ I know people believe that bright colours, clashing tones and the like are great for grannies, and I agree...when other people do it. (This is my idea of granny beauty.) The problem is, when I do it, it looks crappo. Evidence:
(Hmm the colours on this photo are wrong too, the blue in the pic is actually a Port Adelaide teal colour.)

I'm much preferring the solid colour squares too. Maybe I need some yellow or orange? I just bought the red this morning to see if it would help? Anyone got anything helpful to suggest?(besides bin the lot, haha.) The only thing I can think of is to do another round on each of them with cream wool.

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  1. Do not bin them Steph! It's looking beautiful.
    I don't know about the yellow....when I see yellow with green it suddenly turns into a go aussie go quilt. I love our land, but I don't want a quilt that looks like it should be living at the MCG.
    I am thinking more dark chocolate squares, with some orange and a cream border.


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