Friday, October 9, 2009

Blanket Malarkey

...which is what the blanket construction project will be furthermore known as, aptly named by Tania. Upon arriving home yesterday, I found a nice fat parcel of yarn on the doorstep. Hooray! After dinner and the usual tootling around on Facebook, I ripped into it. Here's what it contained:

As you can see in the pic, I made a few experimental crochet squares as I'm still pondering the crochet vs. knitting method of blankie construction. Whattaya think?


  1. What do I think?

    I think you are freaking amazing! "Experimental crochet squares....."
    It took me one week of slow-mo crochet you tube watching, lots of coffee and a minor melt down to produce a circle. I was so happy until I remembered it was supposed to be a square.

    You are so darn talented woman.

  2. Aww thanks Toni. Credit has to go to the tutorial pattern here -
    that I found via Tania -

  3. Just goes to show how headless chook I have been to miss all this stuff happening. Am extremely glad there's a granny square partner in crime happening - I may need a bit of egging on at one point or another...!


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