Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello 'my place and yours'

'My Place and Yours' has moved to here, so I thought it might be a good time to start playing along in a committed sort of fashion.

This week's theme will be: Behind the camera {a self portrait challenge}
Tell me a little about yourself, let me peek through the window and see a small snippet of your life and who you are.

So here's me - taken at work (office job) with my iphone... and some stuff about me:
~I have some sore teeth right now, I think fillings after the root canal work I had two years ago aren't holding up very well, and I fear I'll have to get the whole lot replaced. ~I am very loyal. ~I'd really like to look like a 50s pin up girl. ~I can't drive a manual car. ~I dislike clowns. ~I feel sorry for abandoned things by the roadside. ~I wish I could swing dance. ~I don't love my sewing machine much anymore. ~But I love my embroidery floss. ~Staffies are my favourite dog breed in the whole world. ~I like Buddy Holly. ~My job shits me but it could be worse. ~The scar on my top lip is a result of a cat scratch when I was about 3 years old. ~Song lyrics stick in my brain. ~I don't think I'll ever get sick of 2 minute noodles. ~Garfield minus Garfield rocks. ~I don't like avocado. ~I just want to live happily ever after.


  1. Hello. So nice to meet you. Thank you for playing :)

  2. Fun!! Nice to "see" you; I love your hair :).

    I don't love my sewing machine much anymore either, but I always feel the love for embroidery floss.

    Does your stitched project say "Needle Dork"? If so, that's pretty funny!

    Now that I've finished playing the Fishy Fishy Fish game at the bottom of your page, I'll click "post comment" ;-).


  3. Hahhaha Glenda, nah it part of "the art of needlework"...although Needle Dork is definitely an idea. Sorta like your Napoleon Dynamite one :P
    Ta re my hair.
    Glad you like the fishies xx

  4. Couldn't help but smile at your honesty. You sound like a sweetheart. Have you checked out Swing Patrol in Melbourne? See you next week ;)

  5. I tagged you the other day (in a not really tagging fashion cos no fun in adding anything else to a to do list) but this is WAY better (and way more than seven things to boot)...

  6. Brilliant post. Love your pic too.

  7. I think you DO look like a 50s pin up girl All you need is the red lippy and sweep that lovely hair up and there you go. I hate clowns. I want to bring everything home I find by the road (this has caused a bit of friction on the home front). I have a lovely embroidery mag (vintage) that I'd love to send you. I like looking at it every once in a while but that's one thing I don't think I'll ever really get into so if you'd enjoy it, it's all yours! When I get back from my hols I post a few pics so you can see if you are interested. If you are, my email is chooksrus4 at gmail dot com

  8. gorgeous pic. haven't seen a bad one yet on my tour of MP&Y. I too HATE clowns or anything dressed up with it's face obscured like those manky koalas that beg on the street. so creepy

  9. ahhh to be a pin up girl lol!! and why do teeth have to be such a pain in the 'A' ssoo unfair! i don't care much for clowns either, scary huh!


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