Friday, March 29, 2013

The link

...that saved my sanity earlier.  I HAD started this blankie project, but the tension on the foundation row had messed it right up, for it was all tight along the bottom and then starting to ripple up top.  I did a few rows, but pulled them out in disgust on Thursday night (after a few drinks, no less) and tried to start again.  Same problem.  So I trashed that effort too.  And got cross. And then I found this link and it was so easy-peasy I almost jumped for joy. (Note the "almost"...I don't enter into wanton physical activity lightly.)

Now I am four rows into crochet blankie, and all is going well.  So far...

And I've also discovered a delightful blog in the process.  All good.

(something you'll never hear me say)

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