Saturday, March 30, 2013

More tapircraft

I wholly endorse the crafting of tapirs, in any form you care to choose. I've crafted a few myself.  But this one takes the cake (or mango, if you will.)  I found this via the World Tapir Day's Facebook page and had to borrow a couple of photos for the blog here.

WTD said "Katie Shea Stevens made a life size tapir out of paper mache for the Belize Zoo. Don't forget that April 27th is World Tapir Day, and the Belize Zoo will be having special activities for it. The paper mache tapir is currently on display at the zoo."

I'm a bit adverse to the use of the word "awesome" but this truly is. Love it.
Who could resist this face?

Paper mache tapir is a Baird's tapir native to Central America and northern South America.  Like the other three tapir species, Baird's tapir is endangered.  In Belize, Baird's tapir are called "mountain cow" and are the country's national animal.  Hence the Belize Zoo's enthusiasm for paper mache tapirs.

Nice rump.
The full set of photos can be found here. I think this effort would make Belize Zoo tapir April happy, she looks quite pleased here:


Plus WTD is always celebrated on April's birthday, April 27th.  Yes, there will be cake.

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