Thursday, March 28, 2013


This is my view as I sit here and drink cider, read blogs (this one today), watch a live Bruce DVD and work on a crochet blankie I started the other night. It's a bit chilly outside, and we've been out for a cupcake and coffee, to visit the Grandpuddings* and to look at some chairs in their local oppy that Mum thought were worth buying. (Hubert pointed out that we haven't necessarily even got a house to put chairs in yet.) One thing they did have at the op shop was a rather delightful little bedside cupboard/washstand, but it wasn't out for sale yet. I asked Mum to keep an eye on it for me. Although it did need a total repaint. I didn't buy anything from said op-shop as the things I was interested in (ie. old china) had ridiculous prices on it. I know it's charity, but I'm not paying $20 for an op-shop plate. Meh. 

Crochet blankie is slowly growing, I decided to try and put some cotton yarn I'd bought back for my granny malarkey to some use and have a go at something that isn't squares. (Granny malarkey to date will become a bath mat, methinks. I have to crochet an outer border and sew in all those annoying ends.) Anyway...see if I finish this one...I won't be putting any bets on. Still though, it keeps me amused while we're waiting on the result of the housing hoohah. 

 PS. Banks do my head in.

* Spike's grandparents, no, I don't have any grandchildren.

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