Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Musings

I've been a bit of a shut in this weekend. And I confess I don't mind it at all...since I got home from the doctor on Friday, I haven't been out at all (unless hanging the washing on the line counts.) Lara used an expression this morning which I liked - she said "it was good to have some mental space." I can totally relate. I usually have so much stuff buzzing around in my head that a couple of days away from having to interact with real live people has been great.

What have I been up to? Besides sleeping, drinking and bad singing, I've been trying to clean and tidy up a bit for the impeding arrival of Hubert. I miss him so, and I don't really understand how anyone can successfully "do" any sort of distance relationship. Ugh. As well as Hubert, I also have another fella coming to live with me soon.
Meet Burton C. Bell:
Well how could anyone say no to that? Burton is currently still with his kitteh mum in Benders, so my sis and I will go up and get him one weekend soon. The extra kitteh situation highlights my need to find a house soon though...the bathroom here is groaning with litteh boxes already. Plus Stiffy Staffy is already sooooo big...I feel like I've missed half his life already. I went to look at a house on Friday and while the house was okay (although overpriced so I don't want it), the tenants were still there. I feel awful going through people's houses, it's so intrusive. I also find it hard to visualise my "life" in a house when it's already full of someone else's. So my hunt continues. And I know I'll be pining for my orange kitchen tiles, wherever I go.

Speaking of renting issues, one thing I really dislike is not being able to hang pictures. (I understand not ruining the walls with holes, but doesn't mean I have to like it.) I am completely jack of those sticky 3M picture hangers, as they tend to just fall off the wall at random intervals, sending your picture or decorative thingy crashing to near death (I've been pretty lucky so far) . So this morning, to get away from wall boredom above the couch, I did the old trick of "using embroidery hoops to hang bits of fabric for instant decorative appeal". And blu-tacked the damn things up...'cause my heart can't stand much more of surprise picture crashings.


  1. Yes time for mental musing is good. I love the orange tiles! Our friends just put orange tiles in their kitchen and I was so excited to see it but alas they are not your lovely orange, more tomato coloured and a bit modern for me. That's such a neat idea with the embroidery hoops. I have seen it before but I love the fabrics. Hope your Hubert gets there soon. Love the little fur ball - lucky thing. I love my chickens but I do miss having a cat. Have a good week Ms Drewzel and don't forget to send me your address for the embroidery booklet if you still would like it. Jacqui x

  2. What I want to know, is why the surprise picture crashings always happen in the dead of night? Or just after I've finally convinced the smallest to get back into her own bed and stop sleeping horizontally across mine. You're embroidery hoop solution is excellent. What's more, I bet they bounce.


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