Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Five faves

Today's faves:

1. Blog posts:

I loved this post about a fabulous girl.

This post made me cry.

2. Giant freckles. For the win.

3. Mackenzie Chloe, born 6.4.10 to my friends Bec and Chris. I like it when good people make babies, it gives me hope for the human race.

4. Facebook - I know it cops a lot of flak, but where else can you whinge when you're having a bad day and have friends both new and old say kind/funny/cheeky/caring things to make you feel better?

5. This picture. Via here.

Go see Pip and play along here!


  1. They sell Giant Freckles at Widow Twankeys Lolly shop in Clunes, you must buy some when you visit!lol...

  2. True about facebook but I find twitter's better to say how you feel, no one gives a crap lol

  3. Aha don't think anyone reads my Tweets really Aimz.

    Ooh Sel, will definitely got to Widow Twankey when I'm in town :P

  4. giant freckles rock!!!! yummo


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