Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I don't know what I want to say today. This is the spot where I usually do a Hump Day crafty round up. But not much has been going on because of Easter. All I've done is played around with this a bit:

So in lieu of a crafty post you get some randomness ~

Meatloaf is one of my most disliked musical artists ever.

I'm missing Hubert terribly.

Does laughing my arse off at this make me a bad person? I was going to write a sentence qualifying why I love this so much, but feck it.

Real Estate is still making me cross.

This post just made me cry. Not that I care about wallpaper enough to cry, but the relationship analogy got to me.

And I won't even start whinging about work. Off to FB to do that.


  1. Cam showed me on the weekend how to do stitches for embroidery, its a kiddies kit I am using I did half a bear and decided it was pretty crappy stitching, yours lokks ten times better. Yep FB good for whingeing and you keep me entertained!! ANd totally loving the bluntcard, nothing worse than people who continually talk about their kids and nothing else. I work with people like this, I swear one day I am going to tell them to shutup! Or would that be wrong????...x

  2. I am laughing at that card to much because it is true. Where can I buy those.


  3. Bek -

  4. Yep, loving the blunt card. It's bloody perfect. Love the embroidery you're working on too.


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