Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top Drawer

This week's My Place and Yours theme is top drawer. So being in my office, as I am, I opened the drawer and took a snap. Are you ready?

Yes that's a block of Top Deck, as yet untouched, as I don't really like it. Glad I took this photo though, didn't know that Snickers was in there. Apart for the stationery and chocolate hoarding, there seems to be a large amount of makeup, nail varnish and hand cream in there. And some wee mushrooms and some deco tape. And a tea strainer. And cutlery. Well, hey if I'm trapped in my office, I won't starve AND I'll look pretty. That's the idea of drawers isn't it? You put it in there and shove it shut so that no one can see. I'm actually a tidy person, but hey, outta sight, outta mind. Eep!

Now Mr Freud, what does this say about me? Anyone got any ideas? Leave it in the comments and I'll pick one and send them, say, some chocolate, smellies and a wee embroidered treat. But nice new stuff, not the stuff lurking in my desk drawer. A giveaway? Hurrah! (You've got til next Monday.)

Don't forget to visit Danielle's and see everyone's drawers. Best offer you've had all day.


  1. Wowwee your draw is choc a block full of stuff.

    I think it says.. You have good taste in chocolate and your a speed cleaner.

  2. It means that out of all the desks in the office, yours is party town.
    Beauty care, food and pens. You have a Priceline in your draws...which is the same thing I said to Ben on our first date except I was talking about his pants.
    PS - lucky for you I love Top Deck. Is it white is it milk? Good for those indecisive chocolate eaters.

  3. Not a fan of top deck, prefer crunchie. I think it says "BE PREPARED"

  4. now that's gotta be my desk drawer, minus the snickers bar..it wouldn't last 5 minutes in my drawer lol!

  5. What does it say about you? Well clearly, you have beautiful hands. And very cleverly have two of the main food groups: tea and chocolate, in your drawer. Not like Top Deck? Really?? I'll let that slide, because I like you.
    I feel this is a drawer of whimsy. I like that. I'm more of a Mars Bar girl myself, and although not particularly fond of peanuts, will eat Snickers in a pinch. Tee hee.

  6. OMG that's my old desk drawer before I got my lovely new vintage desk and had a tidy up except I would have wrappers not whole blocks of chocolate. Poor Mr Freud would probably throw his hands in the air and walk away, he is a man after all and what man can honestly say he can understand a woman's mind?


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