Saturday, January 30, 2010

More granny marlarkey

When I got up this morning and saw that Roman Holiday was on the teev this afternoon, I decided that I'd indulge in some Audrey and Granny Malarkey today.
First a stocktake:
Squares finished and joined = 25
Squares finished at hand = 7
Squares works in progress = 3 (actually they're circles at the moment)

The view from here:

And the film:

Actally it's not really one of my all time favourites, but there's no doubting it's charm. And a good way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.

End of day update: added another 7 to squares finished. :)


  1. oh yeah can't beat roman holiday, I'm indulging in the time machine at the moment.

  2. Golly Steph, I wish I was on the couch next to you.
    I love the circles! I found a pattern through Yvestown and I am going to give it a try this afternoon. You are so clever.


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