Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Pottering around on teh interwebs today I came across this post about a company called Lu Flux refashioning vintage linen into clothing.  How intriguing, thought I.

I'm not convinced the shirt works...maybe it's all about the styling, but to me it screams 80s soccer mom horror, and brought to mind the poor doiley jacket I rescued all those years ago.

However, I did like the shape of this frock:

Again though, I'm not convinced it's something you'd actually wear...how would one wear this and not feel like a tablecloth?  Not that dressing like a tablecloth is a bad thing, given I think it's perfectly acceptable to dress like a doiley.

I think I'll stick to recycling my tablecloths into curtains.  Full credit to Lu Flux for their creativity though!


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