Sunday, May 12, 2013

Crochet rug

While out shopping today, I picked up the latest (well latest to Australia off the boat) copy of Inside Crochet.  One of the patterns was for this:

[Image: Doily Rug by Tracey Todhunter© Tailor Made Publishing Ltd]

How gorgeous is this?  I think I'll have to make one for the Casa as soon as I can find a suitable wool.

The more I knit, the more I love crochet...haha.

Any yarn suggestions?

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  1. I love crochet doily blanket/rugs! I made one for my floor but with all the animals I didn't want it to get covered in filth so it's always just lived on the back of my couch. Cause I'm a grandma.

    (PS: I'm so glad I found your blog again!)


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