Sunday, September 30, 2012

Little jaunt

As we both had a bit of time off, Hubert and I decided to go to Daylesford for a few days.  I grew up not far from there, and I've watched with interest as it's changed from dying country town to trendy spa haven for city treechangers. (I hate that word.)  But I do love the area, so it was a pleasure to get away. Plus the weather was perfect!

I didn't take any pics (laziness) but I just noted with interest that this pic that I found on Flickr earlier today when I searched Daylesford was taken the very day after we drove past this paddock on the way to the Tuki trout farm and I thought "should stop and take a photo of that truck".  Fortuitously, someone else thought the same thing. Thank you.

Basically we spent most of out time sightseeing, eating, hanging at the local bowling club and enjoying the spa in our apartment.  We had scones, home made chocolates and delicious fresh lamb and trout.  I also decided that the Red Star cafe at Hepburn Springs is my new favourite cafe.  I love the location, food is delicious and the decor spoke to my heart.  I was trying to find an interior photo on the web, but no luck.

Also called into the local craft shop, which was en route to the bottle-o.  (Priorities!)  Hubert found a stitching kit designed by Kristen Doran and as it was incredibly cute, I had to buy it.  Here's my progress so far:

Apologies for the cruddy picture, I'm having a couch moment and too lazy to do better than this iTouch snap. What I do need is some decent photo editing software. Anyway, I think I'll add "Greetings from Daylesford" in some jaunty 50s-esque text and make it into a cushion panel.  Last night I ordered some fabric scraps from Kristen's site for finishing said cushion.  Given the last time I touched the sewing machine was to hem some Ikea fabric for curtain panels, it could turn out very good, or very bad.  In the meantime, I still have to finish the embroidery before I contemplate anything else.

As we've been pondering moving to the country for a couple of years now (due mostly to the fact it's the only place I could afford to buy a house!) I was keen to show Hubert the area and see what he thought. Happily, he loved we'll leave that on the agenda.  

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