Sunday, September 11, 2011


Hubert and I just returned from a trip to our local Savers...mostly with books as they're the only thing that one can afford there. Is it just me, or WHAT THE HELL are Savers thinking? Old CDs that I used to have in my collection (for example Mechanical Animals, and Mellon Collie) $7.99 each. What?? I could go to JB Hi Fi and buy them for $10 brand new. So they stayed there. Oh look, vintage 30s Grindley dinner plates, a design I would have loved to own called "Acacia Bloom"...$9.99 each. So for the 3 dinner plates and 5 breakfast plates, ah, 80 bucks?! A cute pair of shoes, hmm my size, fit too...$14.99. Nah. I bought a couple of old Agathas for 99cents each, and two old Kylie concert programs for my sis. Savers, you can FRO, because you're beyond ridiculous now.


  1. I'm not sure who Savers are because I am up in NSW in the country but I've noticed all sorts of goodies going up to ridiculous prices. Maybe the Royal Albert, etc can go up as it is often collectors and sellers who buy it but I really have to laugh when the old dears think Avon and Millers are quality goods and should be marked up too. So far they aren't playing much with the clothing prices but it seems there is a trend to raise these in most places too. t's really sad because goods are donated to charities to help the needy not make the organisations rich. Cherrie

  2. Not very Saving at all. Makes you wonder really.

  3. Savers (and the Salvos for that matter) are becoming ridiculous. I picked up a little table on the weekend for more than I wanted to pay but the idea of fixing it up overuled by brain.
    I could have gone to Ikea and got a inksplot flinkflop finkpop table for half the price.
    Don't you love Ikea names?!


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