Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Random blog content #2

rides1, originally uploaded by drewzel.

Today I am peeved as I went to get the showbag guide out of the work paper, and someone has pinched it! Before it even got to our office...and even wrapped the papers back up to look like they'd been untouched. Colour me disgusted. Now my plans to peruse the showbags and plan imaginary purchases are thwarted. Grr.

However, all is not lost as I messaged Hubert who has a copy of today's Herald Sun for me to plunder. He sent me a message back "we can go if you like". Hmm, a quandry, to show or not to show? There are animals and showbags. (Like like) There is craft to um, err, wonder at. (Like) There is fairy floss. (Like) There are rides and lots of people. (Do not like.)

PS. yes, I can hear you thinking "Wow, tackling the big issues of our time there Drewzel." To which I say, yes, I know, but I'm really not capable of anything much at the moment. I don't want to think any more. Maybe I can rename the blog "Vacuous and Mundane"?


  1. My top tip - go on Grand Final day while everyone else is glued to the tv screen.

  2. I bloody hate crowds Steph. I say go and be there first thing in the morning. That way you can look at everything and get your bags without the crowds and prams!


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