Monday, January 10, 2011


It's the time of year for everyone to list what they want to resolve, plan to do or achieve for the coming year. I thought I should list some... but, um... err...I was a bit stumped.

So as a result of a bit of FB discussion and some flailing around, I've come up with:

- achieve some level of competence in my uke playing (may have to join these guys)
- learn to skate
- attend more live gigs (at least one a month)
- get a new tattoo (the only thing ever stopping me for this one is it's "save some money and")
- replace some of my worn out clothes (yes I'm the person who wears things until they're threadbare "just around the house" and then "nips off to the shops", not caring that they look like a bag lady)
- start applying for new jobs...and hopefully get one
- be able to reach the bath plug (this one is deliberately obscure...don't ask just yet)
- go to a Yoga class
- organise somewhere to sell all those darn pillowcases I keep embroidering (I really don't want to run a crafty business anymore, but it would be still nice to get some stuff out there)

Okay, that's it for now. Any suggestions?

[wee guitar in pic from here. You know you want one.]

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  1. playing your uke WHILE skating WHILE pulling the plug! yeah!


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