Thursday, January 20, 2011

Does anyone know?

If anyone around Melbourne runs any sort of evening crafty get togethers any more a la Brown Owls? No, I'm not putting my hand up to organise anything, because we all know I'm CRAP at that (but always happy to help someone that has their shit together, unlike me). But I wouldn't mind going to a regular one to get out and about and do crafty stuff... plus I can't have them at my house as Hubert needs to get rid of me sometimes so that he can study in peace.

Any suggestions?


  1. Hey Steph, NCB is starting again. We're just looking for a new venue at the moment. It'll be fortnightly, probably on a Wednesday night at this stage.

  2. Oh yay! Ta, people, I can come along and annoy you now.

  3. i just stumbled upoin your blog & saw this post.
    definitely the NCB, it's on this Wednesday.
    hope you are enjoying the sunshine today


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