Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some happy things balance out that last post, I do have some happy things from the past week:

~ "spring" cleaning the loungroom and rearranging the furniture. Hubert reckons the energy is better here now. I might even try and take a farty photo or two when the afternoon sun comes in:

~ playing with a favourite friend and having dog lurve.

[Spike and Leroy @ Holly's place]
~ a good movie

['Eat Pray Love' photos copyright big arsed movie studios or whoever]

~ borrowing lots of CDs that I want to hear from the library, including Grinderman, Washington and Funkadelic.

~ cupcakes and BBQ noms
[made by me, om nom nom]

~ the sunny weather.


  1. Cute poochies!!

    I'm not normally a cupcake person, but I'd totally nom-nom-nom the icing and decorations on those cupcakes :).

    Love the banner.

  2. I love your photos!
    Your house looks so devine!


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