Sunday, October 10, 2010

...and you worry

This morning I had bad dreams. Silly really, the situation had no resemblance to my life, and I'm not sure it actually meant anything at all. But you wake up and want to cry.
And you can't shake that feeling off. I've been veging on the couch, reading blogs, looking at Facebook, and trying not to cry. And he's brought me tea, toast, potato salad, and now a cupcake. Played with the dog and been silly. I've laughed at his jokes, while tears run out of my eyes. I can't stop them.
And I worry. That I'm too hard to live with. That'll he'll get sick of it. That he'll say (just like the last one did) "I don't like living with a sad sack."
So I try and hold it in.
And I worry.


  1. ((( Drewzel )))

    I'm glad you have a kind sweetie and a playful pooch there with you.

  2. Don't hold it in. If it's part of you then it's part of you. He will understand or as in my husband's case just write it off to being "a girl". Nobody is perfect, and as far as warts go this isn't a biggie.

  3. Some men are brought up to believe that women cry and that that is OK. Lets hope he is like that too. Cherrie

  4. Oh Steph.
    You are not a sad sack.
    He sounds like a good one and you are a good one.

  5. I kicked off with tears after watching a sad film "bright star" on the weekend and then couldn't stop. Sort of hard to explain why and I also worry that he'll see it as a weakness. I figure I just needed to let it out!

  6. Don't hold it in. If he can't deal with it he's not the right one. Don't let the other bloke's shortcomings tarnish what could be a good thing with this bloke. Only time will tell.


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