Monday, September 27, 2010


Yesterday I had a moment (in the bathroom no less.) It occurred to me that where I'm living right now is not home. It's a pleasant enough house, and I love the garden...but it's not me. I didn't really acknowledge until recently the strong effect my environment has on me, but I do know now it's very important. I need to move out of this town and to a house that feels like home. I know people say home is where you make it, but if you try and try and it's still not right, then you have to change something. So I'm back to bellyaching about trying to find somewhere to "be me". I don't know where it is yet. But I've got another person, 3 cats and a dog along for the ride now too.

[not my place]


  1. I am still here too reading you. Love this picture.

  2. of the house that is - not of me - eek!

  3. Aww Nell xx
    yeah that's a house in Mt Gambier that was for sale. So pretty.

  4. You will find that special place Steph. Just keep looking. At least you are not afraid to be on the move. Do you know how many miserable people never feel happy where they are but do nothing about it? You have balls Steph. In a good way.


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