Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Post it note Tuesday aka things on my mind

Today, being post it note Tuesday, has me thinking:

Considering a few things:
~am I blogging to a void?
~does that matter?

Fretting about:
~what's going to happen with my work...I really don't want to move into the city.
~has anyone rented my old flat yet?
~will I ever catch up with this money thing? I'm sick of people chasing me...grr.

Happy thoughts:
~buying some fabric from Ink & Spindle for bedroom curtain.
~Ask Alice's regular staffy posts.
~one of my best mates is now home from overseas.
~Hubert encouraging me to "just do it" when I was um-ing and err-ing over my commitment to granny blankie construction.

As my mate Chris says "It'll work out." so I guess I have to believe in that. At least there's more good than bad there!


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  2. how long does it take you to drive into the city from home in peak hour traffic?

  3. Hi Aimz... well Frankston is 40 km from city centre, so it's a good hour in the car once you factor traffic and parking and stuff. :(

  4. I'm reading. (Or is that lurking?) I've neglected my blog. Sometimes AI think I'll go back to it, but for now, it's on holidays.

  5. I'm nodding, I'm at home and I can hear you loud and clear... and commuting sucks.

  6. Absolutely! We're listening...all the time...:)


  7. Nope, no void out here, just crazy busyness that doesn't always have time to leave a comment!

    Somehow the crazies are ready to leave the house a whole 45 min early...never on the mornings you need it of course!

  8. I woz 'ere :-) I seem to lurk more than comment on blogs these days, for which I feel bad, but there just never seems to be enough time in the day, does there? Rugrats mostly steal mine away.


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