Monday, May 24, 2010

Babblings on an Autumn Monday

Oh it's Monday. I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning...but it's actually a nice mild day today. On FB this morning, I found this lovely photo on Frankie's newsfeed. It perked me up somewhat ~ not that I want be in the garden with my bottom in the air right now (give the poor girl some pants someone!), but a crochet blankie in the sun is always lovely.

Weekend roundup:
~ hung out with Hubert and "the kids" (that's the furry beasts for anyone who's interested)
~ underwhelmed by the selection of quilting fabrics at Spotlight on Friday evening...nothing got me excited. (Back to quilting shops and online fabric stores I think.)
~ watched footy on the teev
~ drank lots o' Scotch
~ did a bit of shopping at Savers on Saturday
~ found a bedside lamp (as aforementioned "kids" broke the other one)
~ more china kittehs & a
~ vintage suitcase (to keep knitting projects in)
~ slept in
~ had half arsed attempt at granny malarkey
~ ate bacon and eggs
~ went to Antique Shed in Mornington on Sunday - came home with a wee bookcase and some old records
~ ate meat loaf and roast veg
~ coveted artwork on
~ drank coffee and ate cake
~ sewed patchwork pieces in wrong spot while drunk
~ didn't want it to end

[wee china animals at the Antique Centre. I want those orange kittehs.]

Craft wise, still working away on my directionless hexagon patchwork, which I'm blaming Corrie for. I've definitely got the ol' Crafty ADD at the moment, I can't focus on much right now. I may make one of these as I think Pip's tutorial is fab. And speaking of crochet, sure you've all probably seen these by now, but I feel compelled to put a pic here seeing as I can't buy any:

The other thing that's been on my mind is trying to make the house more "us"... or cosier, or more aesthetically pleasing...or something. It's still not right yet. This is what it looked like when I moved in:
Just to give you an idea of what we're working with. The walls are actually white and the carpet is a dark dark brown. (Actually this is an old old pic, I just realised that the venetian blind is gone and we have white curtains.) I'd love to cover a wall in aforeposted wallpaper, but my lovely landlords would be horrified. Plus the fact that I can't afford to buy anything really at the moment. The house was built in 1963, so I'm trying to focus on retro stuff. I'll try and post some pics later of how it's looking at the moment.

And this post probably gives you an idea of how scattered my brain is at the moment. Eep!

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