Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Monday

saturday crafting session, originally uploaded by retro mummy.

This morning I did indeed have Monday-itis and was getting bogged down by money and work woes...however a coffee with Hubert perked me up somewhat and reminded me what is important.

Like the rest of the local blogsphere I went to Sew It Together on the weekend, although I only attended the Saturday Crafting Session (and yes I've pinched Retro Mummy's pic because I didn't take any of my own). I think I managed to stitch about half a flowerstem and knit two rows as a whole room of crafting chicks chatting and making was a bit of a challenge for me. I caught up with some lovelies I haven't seen for a while and put a some faces to names, which was great. Definitely recommended for anyone who is interested in next year's event.

Sunday was late Mother's Day parental commitments, and later I managed to do a little bit of paper piecing patchwork. This is Corrie's fault as she had little kits at SIT and so I sewed away at one of those. I've lost my embrojo somewhat, so this gives me something new to play with (not that I need another project, let alone a patchwork one, as I have a 3/4 finished Amy Butler quilt top at the old house still to do.) But as I'm now back living around the corner from one of the sweetest patchwork shops ever, I'm a bit enthused by fabric again. I'm feeling rather flat at the moment, so I think my attitude to craft is sort of reflected in that. I'm a bit "meh". But this too will pass.

Ms Cate was next to me at SIT and was working on this fab piece of embroidery:

IMG_6331, originally uploaded by ric rac.

Cate is organising an exhibition for the Fringe Festival - 'Home is Where the Craft is'. Check this out if you're interested...I might pull my socks up a bit and contribute too.

PS. Thanks for all the lovely comments on my photo from Friday's post. You're all too kind xx

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  1. It was lovely to finally catch up - jeez it's been a long time!


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