Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Swap -> in

Yesterday I picked up my parcel from the post office, containing a lovely swap from Meagan.
Here's my pressies:
Thank you so much! Meagan says my pincushion is made out of 100% thrifed and recycled materials. Very thoughtful and very me! Doiley recycled into pincushion, an embroidered pillowcase, flower seeds, thread in my favourite colour, fabric and felt, and look at the little mushroom pin... Hurrah!

PS. I hadn't stumbled across Meagan in blogworld before, but her blog is definitely a great read. Lots of sound eco-ideas, yummy food, and parenting topics. I chuckle when I wonder what she must have made of my blog when we were matched up as swap partners.


  1. Megan made you a lovely pincushion and so many lovely goodies too. I have to say that I received your wonderful pin cushion today and loved everything in it so much! Thank you for being a wonderful swap pal!

  2. Gosh that orange fabric makes me think of the type of pillowcases my grandmother use to have in her linen cupboard - very retro!


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