Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spot of op

As my new real estate agent's office is around the corner from Savers, of course I had to drop in yesterday afternoon. And I'm glad I did, for it was rather yielding in kitchen related items. I often wonder why someone like me that hates cooking loves kitchen paraphenalia so much?

I think these are my favourites - a Pyrex dish in my favourite colour (White Daisy pattern) and some very cute vintage cups and saucers. They are marked underneath "Roslyn fine bone china, Made in England." The stamp dates it from 1958-63. Might be time for a tea party soon.

Normally I don't worry about buying stacking mugs, but this was rather special. And the iphone camera totally failed in picking up it's real colour, which is a lighter washed out aqua-blue.

I think this pattern must have been very popular in the 60s/70s as I often see it about...not really my cup of tea though, but I loved the blue so grabbed a cup and saucer. (English - Staffordshire Potteries Ltd.) [Check this pattern out, how groovy!]

A funny new Japanese sugar jar for 2.50, can't complain about that. "Flour" was there too but I left him for someone else. Visitors to my place are always looking for sugar, so I figure if I fill this one right up, everyone will be happy.

And the piece de resistance, some lovely art glass. I saw this and went "Oooh!!" ...and then thought what a lovely pressie it would make for my friend Nat, who is developing a nice little collection of pink and blue mix art glass. You know I want it for myself, but the fact I got it for a good discount (!) told me that it's meant to go to Nat as a thank you pressie for looking after us with her rental property. Plus it will look stunning in her lovely home.

I also grabbed some vintage teatowels and doileys, and a big crochet tablecloth that's become a bedspread. I'll give you a pic later when I've finished washing linen and remaking the bed.

Every time I do one of these posts I worry if I'm too materialistic? And God bless Hubert, who had to listen to me boof on about vintage Pyrex last night when I was filled with post-purchase excitement. As one of my mates said "He's a keeper."


  1. I don't think appreciating and buying vintage is materialistic at all. Think of it as recycling, and saving something that would have ended up in landfill otherwise.

  2. Gorgeous finds Steph, really like the Roslyn cups and saucers, impossible to miserable drinking tea from those!

  3. ooooh loving all that you found!

  4. Materialistic!! Oh Steph. You are recycling. Saving and finding a treasure that someone thought a trash. You are helping the environment.
    Materialistic is turning your nose up at Savers or curbside collection and opting to buy new with less charm for 5 times the price.
    If Hubert gets tired of pyrex chatter, you give me a call. I would listen to aqua daisy dish chat anyday.

  5. Yeah I always worry about that too but think of it as recycling - your extending the lives of all these things and making them more valuable in the process - win win! Love the little tea set and the cup and saucer and of course pyrex is always a fav! Well done. Sounds like you've got a lovely man too x


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