Monday, March 29, 2010

Today's blurgle

I think I am indeed having a bad day today. Probably because it's Monday. A couple of things at work have irked me considerably, not worth discussing on here...but when things irk me at work, it's easy for me to lose faith and goodwill. And I need those things to get through a work day.

What is it about Real Estate agents? They make me feel physically sick. In the guts. They can be as nice as pie, but the whole experience of either home buying or renting I find so odious. I just rang about a property I'm interested in renting. I was told that I was added to the inspection list. Competition? For a rental I want? This brings out the worst feelings in me. I hate having my character judged, my income judged, my employment history judged, all for the "privilege" of paying too much to live in someone else's property. (One of my best friends was knocked back on a rental because she has a teenage son. That's what they told her.) And the resultant feeling (once you actually find somewhere) of your space not being your own. Maybe it's just me. But I hate all of it. So much. I know you're probably thinking "Suck it up Drewzel and stop complaining, it's life." But at the moment I'm choosing to rent rather than buy and I don't like some of the stereotypes about tenants, especially in the area I'm looking in. Chip on my shoulder? Probably...

On the upside, a work colleague has bought a rather nice investment property in Ballarat, and said I could rent that, as she wants "animal people" there. But I don't know if I'm ready just yet to uproot and go just yet, and I think staying in Melbourne in the interim is probably better for Hubert too, so he can settle in, and more fun for Miss C when she visits. Not that he'd make a fuss, as he's lovely. Speaking of lovely, here's a photo of Ninja looking adorable. He got his first collar yesterday, not sure he's impressed.

Saturday Kylie reminded me was knitty lunch with the Rav girls (somehow I feel wrong calling it "Rav" because I barely use it!) which as always was yummy and good to see everyone (dunno if they feel the same about me ahhaha). I worked on my troublesome grannies, having decided to use just my Lincraft yarn and make a solid colour blankie. I plan to put the ones I've already made and dislike together as a blanket for Spike (aka Stiffy aka new staffy pup) ~ who you will get to meet as soon as I get a damn house to keep him in. HP set up a staffy cam at the old house so I can log on and watch them all at my will, which kept me amused on Saturday (except I kept wanting to squeeze them.) I'll do a screen capture if I can.

I also called into Savers on the way home and bought some more linen and some cannisters for a reasonable price...which I will show you later. Oh and Choose 1985! on vinyl. Sunday was spent shopping at Melbourne Central, hello Max Brenner! Borders didn't have Peppermint yet, and JB didn't have Joanna Newsom, so thank God my visit to Outre was fruitful (although no Gemma!) I did buy some cuteness at Kikki k. And it's always fun on the Frankytown train (that's sarcasm folks)...hope your weekend was fun.


  1. Go, uproot thyself, I say! Weren't you looking to buy in Ballarat? It would be much easier buying if you're already there.
    I agree, I think the rental process is odious. However I've also seen several landlord relatives go through hell trying to get justice after having their properties wrecked (this is in Bendigo, possibly that makes a difference) so I can see how getting the right landlord/tenant relationship is very important. I wouldn't
    be either (tenant or landlord) by choice again.

  2. Yes I hear you, I've worked in admin in the real estate industry for 4 years but luckily because we live in a small town we don't tend to get too much of that but yeah it happens in the city.
    Ninja's growing cuter and bigger too :-)


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