Monday, March 15, 2010

More stuff

Yesterday Hubert and I went to the local secondhand shop, in search of a frame for Mrs Percy and possibly some more family members for the collection. Plus I just like to fossick. Given that it's a shed and it's always too damn hot in Adelaide, it was hot in there and my energy was somewhat lacking. Once the crazy lady shopkeeper started singing 'Rawhide' (with the wrong lyrics no less, which amused us) I'd had enough but left with a few goodies:
A flannellette pillowcase, more wee china animals, a Hollie Hobby plaque, and 'Tommy Goes Round the World' which I bought because I like the illustrations. (I'll share some of those with you later.) Hollie Hobby says "Happiness is having someone to care for."...and she has a wee ginger kitteh. Sweet.

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