Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wee china animals

Over time I've gathered a little collection of wee kitsch china animals. My only rules are cute, super-kitsch, and reasonably priced. (No Savers I am not paying $8 for a silly china ornament...the squirrels stayed there. Grr). The latest additions are the kitty head biscuit jar and the little broken bird...both came home with me from my last Adelaide visit. On the weekend, after Ninja chipped the pair of yellow kittehs, I decided to put them all up on the shelves above my stove. Only thing it really needs now is some cute paper/fabric up on the wall behind them and it's kitsch-a-rama.

Oh dear, blurry photo, I'll take another one tonight and replace it. I SOOOOOO want a new camera.

* just for the record, Ninja is not to blame for breaking the hat-wearing kitty pepper shaker, that was me, I knocked it off the top of the fridge.

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