Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Livin' in the 70s

Continuing with my habit of shamelessly borrowing images from the State Library for you, here's some rippers from the 70s, photography by Rennie Ellis.

Sharpies Melbourne 1973

Fitzroy Senior Cits club 1969. Let them drink tea... is this my blog audience?

Poultry Seller, Queen Victoria Market, 1974. Put down that chicken, Sir. Love the sideburns.

Cosmetic salesgirl Toorak, 1970. I would *so* let her give me a makeover.

Footy fans, Grand Final MCG 1969...wonder who was playing. ...oh dear, I was about to make a joke about this being the last time Richmond* were in it, and then I hit Google. Richmond defeated Carlton 85 to 60.

Images from here. Stay tuned for my faves from the colour photos.

*I'm allowed to make Richmond jokes, as I barrack for them.


  1. I love how they all got dressed to the nines to watch the footy!!

  2. lol I use to have a pair of braces in the early 80's and I wonder how much hair spray that lady used?


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