Friday, February 19, 2010

Hanging around

Yesterday afternoon, while shuffling* up the street to meet one of my fave chicks for coffee, I passed by a You Am I poster, and thought: "Hooray, local gig!" Then went: "Bah, last week, missed out, gumble, mutter." ...however given the gig had passed, I thought this gave me a license to pinch the poster (or do a community service by removing bills, if you will). I thought it would look rather spiffy on the lounge room wall:

Mmm, I like some good poster design. I added one of my Petty girl calendar pages that I just bought via Etsy, and also finally framed a print that I bought from Redbubble two years ago - the one that's hanging over the (unfinished) stool. All a bit industrious really.

Maybe I'm super slow, but it just occurred to me how taking a photo is a better way to get some perspective on your living space...I looked at the one above and thought, "that doesn't look right, that bookcase is too skinny" I think there will be some tweaking over the weekend, because I'm not happy. Another think I've noticed is how I'm all about black and orange now, as well as my fave blue. Does any of this matter? Probably not, but it keeps me amused.

* I am indeed shuffling everywhere at the moment, as my dickie knee is playing up.

PS. On a happy note, I only noticed today that Blogger now let you add pages. More easy links to crap that you don't care about about me. Hurrah!

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