Saturday, February 20, 2010

Speaking of doileys

Once upon a time there was a doiley. It was a rather nice doiley, white cotton, interesting shape and a good size for living upon a dressing table. Someone worked for some number of hours stitching pretty flowers and french knots upon it. Then as fashions changed, it was discarded, ending up in a rag bag for the op shop.

It probably thought it would never see the light of day again, let alone a pretty dressing table. Then an enterprising soul scooped it up, along with it's other neglected brothers and sisters, and decided it should live again, decorating an item of clothing...

The maker was happy with their creativity, and perhaps proudly wore it out for luncheons and shopping. Or maybe gifted it to a poor unfortunate loved one lucky person.

{It should be noted that I can really only guess at the past life of the doiley and salmon pink jacket as I not responsible for any of these goings ons.}

Anyway, who knows... did the jacket get worn with pride or stuffed in the back of the wardrobe in shame? All I know is I happened upon it one day back in 2008 at the Salvos in Carrum Downs. I freed the doileys and ended up with some pretty ones for my stash. Happy ending for the white doiley?

Well almost. The other day, upon blogworld I saw a lace doiley covering a stereo speaker. I think the link was via Pip. So then I came across Kootoyoo's doiley excellence. Ahoy! Doileys everywhere! Nannas were cheering. Most inspirational. And then when I was playing a cd last week, I observed the damage done to my speaker covers by Ms Drewzel Fossil using them as a kitteh chair (oh so soft and comfy) when they were stacked in the spare room at the old villa.

So today I dug through the doileys... found one the white floral doiley and stitched him to the speaker cover to cover the kitteh dirt and rips. Et voila!

However, I'm having some post-crafting quandrys. Does this look good? Am I on the bandwagon? Is this as bad as attaching doileys to the pink jacket? I was going to embroider "Kick out the Jams!" on it...but stopped as I wasn't sure if this was adding insult to injury. Do I take this all too seriously? Any thoughts?


  1. I remember when you found that horrible peach jacket...ahh memories!
    It think the speaker is much prettier now.

  2. Oh Steph! You found my top! I threw it away by accident. I will be around at 4pm to collect it.

  3. um I personally probably wouldn't use doilies to decorate clothing, I think vintage doilies look pretty for their usual purpose which is on tables, dressing tables etc.


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