Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Tuesday

It's time for some non grumbling. Things that are on my mind/making me happy today:

~This blog. As I'm trying to keep my granny-a-day mojo and get into more crochet love, it's full of inspiration, and some of the best tutorials I've seen. (You may already be familiar with it...I am under the proverbial rock after all. Hubert often tells me "You rock"... maybe he means I am a rock, haha.)

~I am on a mission. I need to recover and restore footpath chair which is in a very bad and stinky state of disrepair. I am thinking of using vintage barkcloth, of which Etsy is offering a nice selection. Or should I use modern fabric? What will wear better? What will look better? Or maybe I should go to Ikea and see what they offer in upholstery fabrics...hmmm... Any bright ideas? (Yes, I did consider local handprinted fabrics, but the metreage needed puts it out of my price range.)

~Last Friday, with the guidance of Pip via Frankie, I made a wee jar terrarium. And oh dear, I think it's created a monster. In the words of Britney, gimme more... This one is obviously not mine, but merely an inspirational picture. Mine currently contains baby's tears, a maiden hair fern, succulent and a plastic chicken.

deer butt, originally uploaded by my sunset road.

PS. Someone bought favoured house in Ballarat...but no-one's bought dream house yet. I know I shouldn't fret about it, but I'm really anxious to just settle again, and get on with life.

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  1. A terrarium is fun! I haven't thought about them for years. Must put that on the to do list for the girlies. You are full of good and happy things.


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