Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hump Day roundup

As today is Wednesday, time for my weekly crafty round up. What have I been up to? I've worked on bits'n'bobs, namely:

~ made a cushion out of vintage green fabric (found it in my pile, I think I got it from Brown Owls a couple of years back)
(The embroidered cushion is from Ikea, for the curious.)

~ decided that this tablecloth was too small for my table, but would make a good curtain for the spare room

~ did a bit of crochet (not granny squares) not really sure what for ...round and round and round..


~ tried to continue with my embroidery, only to be regularly thwarted by the Ginga Ninja

I've also been trying to remove all the upholstery from the footpath was made by Saba and contained a playing card, a marble, and $1.17 in change.

It still needs a lot of cleaning up yet, and I must admit the lazy side of me isn't enjoying it much.


  1. What is that with the round and round crochet with no end? I suffer from the same affliction.


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