Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Further to Drewzel's hunt for a new villa ~ which is rapidly becoming a saga in my own lunchbox (as opposed to a legend)...something happened last night which brought me to tears. They were happy tears though (albeit mixed with a bit of self pity) and of course house hunting related.
We all remember my wee one bedroom housie that I gave blog love to the other day...well I was MSN-ing last night to the Fella (aka Hubert Cumberdale) and he said "what about your dream house? why don't you just get that?" ...I said "what? the little one I blogged? but it's only one bedroom!" To which he replied "but it's your dream house, if you love it, try and get that one. as long as there's a space for a pullout bed for Miss C, we'll make it work. at least go and look at it."

Perhaps you may be thinking, 'oh so he told her to inspect a house, big whoop'...but that is not the point. That is not what made me cry. What made me cry was the gesture of kindness, the fact that for the first instance I can remember for a long time, someone involved closely in my life has just suggested that I try and get what I want, not compromise, be practical or do something to suit their agenda. Someone is willing to just try and make me happy. To me, that's a big thing.

PS. I may go and look at wee housie on Saturday... but I still have an odd feeling about the house I linked to yesterday. You know I'll update you.


  1. Aw, what a good fella :). Whichever house you set your sights on, I wish you success!!


  2. You have a keeper Steph. Mr sounds delightful.
    I hope you walk in and everything fits because it is so perfect.
    I love happy tears. The best kind.

  3. He sounds most lovely, hope I get to meet him one day :)


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