Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stool WIP

Further to this post, after pulling $5 stool apart, it was in a reasonable condition so last night I covered the chair pad with calico and then tacked part of a vintage tablecloth on top to see how it looked. (Gumboot Man next door probably didn't appreciate my evening hammering, but then again, I don't appreciate his midnight stinky chop cooking fests.) So here's the progress:

Still have to buy some paint on payday and respray the legs. The question now is, does the seat need some embroidery or something, or is that over the top and hokey? Or should I try different fabric? Am I barking in the wrong bushes?

As usual, I have embroidery on the brain, but even more so since I got my copy of Embroidered Effects in the mail yesterday. I feel another stitchy project brewing.


  1. I think it's crying out for something smack bang in the centre... I'm just not quite sure what!

  2. I would suggest a doiley, but that's so not me.


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