Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's hump day again!

And that means a hump day crafty roundup. But have I been crafty...uh, not really. A visit from Hubert distracted me (for *heart* day) and so there's been minimal output. You may recall the pic from last Wednesday of the pinboard and the plate - alas when I got home from work that day, the hook had come unstuck, and the pinboard came crashing down, and took one of my favourite vintage plates with it. I still haven't had the heart to pick up the pieces from under roadside chair, so they lay there as playthings for Ninja. ~sigh~

On a happier note, I am coveting. Oh yes, this coveting may send me to hell, but Hubert and I found the perfect chairs to match my kitchen table at the antique shed and oh yes, they are chrome and teal vinyl (my fave colour) and can be mine for the exchange of some cash. Herein is where my plan currently falls I'll ask the universe to save me the chairs for a month or so until I actually have some money. Okay Universe?

Craft wise:
-doing the odd granny here and there (and some of them have been very odd indeed...and pulled back out. Me? Count? Never!)
-ironed a cutesy Sublime pattern onto a old opped table mat to make a wall hanging, so stitching away on that
-procrastinating on stitching my project with the Black Apple stitching patterns

Also very conscious I have to get my arse into gear re our local Brown Owls...I'm letting peeps down...grr me.

PS. House capers still at a standstill, just for the curious.

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  1. oo great oppy finds last week Ms Drewzel! I have arranged with the parking fairy (she's my general all-purpose bringer of good things) to keep an eye on those teal chairs for you and to see if she can get you a nice little wind fall from somewhere unexpected while she's watching the chairs. xx Love your little Ninja


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