Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hump Day crafty roundup

Yes it's hump day again. Last night I thought it was hump day and wheeled my rubbish bin up the driveway, realised it was Tuesday and wheeled it back down again. I hope the bin enjoyed the bonus outing.

Lest I dwell on what a crappy day I've had today, let's talk crafty stuff:
This past week I
~made more granny squares, including a little experimental lacy one that's up on the pinboard at the moment
~finished a pseudo tea towel that I found in the cupboard with Sublime's Krazy Kitchen pattern on it. I also found two calico bags, one bearing the Bon Voyage pattern sheet and the other with Librarians. So they're on my to-do list, just to get them out of the way and make them useable.
~got my copy of Socks From the Toe Up, briefly read same and put it down again in the "temporarily too hard basket"
~pfaffed around with a chenille throw
~started fixing $5 stool. Another photo 'cause the other one was a bit ordinary:

Maybe I've forgotten something...? I'll put a pic up of the embroidery when it emerges from the washing machine later.

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  1. Can you not put Upwey on your list of places to find a house? I would love you for a neighbour. We could gossip over the fence and look at out thrifty treasures.


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