Friday, February 5, 2010

A granny hooray

The picture above was taken following Hurricane Tracy, but I thought it appropriate for symbolising a reflection of my headspace. Too much stuff going on in there and recent events have left it (and me) somewhat battered (metaphorically speaking of course.) I'm trying to move forward, but of late (as reflected in my bloggy mutterings) I haven't been coping well with the ups and downs of life. Worrying about trying to sort my old house is doing my head in, as is trying to find a new place to buy and live...and now work tell me today that I'll have to relocate to the city. I'm feeling a bit directionless, and I don't like this feeling of being in limbo. And I'm not even a worrier, I just tend to react and do. It's reaching dead ends every time I try and get a plan happening that's upsetting me.

As I'm trying not to be a whinging old bag, let's also make a list of good things in my life at the moment:
  • green light for the Peninsula Brown Owls
  • super inspiring people in mah interweb world
  • solidifying my relationship with the Fella
  • new puppies!
  • the potential of a new home
  • focusing on completing craft projects
Yesterday (as the lovely Fella will verify) I was a total mess, sitting here in the afternoon having a bit of a sook. So what did I do?
Amazing how calming crocheting is, especially with nice soft yarn* in soothing tones. And then I went home and did some more squares for my blanket malarkey. Not all better now, but a bit. Hooray.

Footnote: The yarn I'm using here is acrylic...does anyone else dislike the solid "crunchy" feeling of the finished granny squares using acrylic...and does it disappear with washing?


  1. It sucks big time trying to get rid of an old house and find something new, and all of the emotional baggge that goes with it.
    From experience, it does get better, but it takes a really long time


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