Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hump Day Crafting Roundup #1

For want of a better title. My lovely bud Cam commented the other day that I appear to have my crafting mojo back and I'm tending to agree. I'm actually out of the doldrums a bit and interested again. I attribute my 2009 crafting FAIL to this theory:

So for my own self-indulgence, I'll try and remember to regularly post a round up of my endeavours for the week.

Tally this "week":
- semi-finished the deer embroidery (I still want to fill in its antlers and add a bit of a border.)
- pieced together my cutesy Japanese quilt-top (this project is at a temporary you know how hard it is to sort quilt batting and a quilt-top with a 9 week old kitten trying to help? I think I might ask the fella to help me on the weekend with the assembly.)
- started a deery pillowcase embroidery (using this pattern.)

This post at Pip's made me gasp! So pretty! She's all about granny squares this month, which reminds me of my Granny Malarkey. It's currently safely stashed in the spare room wardrobe, after the Ginja Ninja unravelled some knitting recently. I'm trying to work out how I can crochet without piquing a small kitten's interest. I take my hat off to all of you crafty mums out there, how do you get crafty creations done with kidlets around full time?
For a bit of eye candy, from the same Flickr in the link above, a pic of grannies and a ginger! Easy to see why it appealed to me:

And of course, never letting the grass grow...(actually that should be my motto!)...I etsy'd this pattern today from Badbird. Oooh I love Delilah! I'm impatiently waiting for her to arrive in my inbox so I can start.

I'm also having the urge to go scope out Savers. This is bad of me because a) I can't afford it b) I should go and clear more of my stuff out of my old house rather than buying more and c) I really should try and curb some spending. But Murphy's Law... if I go there today, we all know there'll be a $25 art pottery vase that wants me to buy it... if I don't go... hmm... what treasures will I miss? (The pillowcase stash needs replenishing.) Am I a greedy pig? Argh!


  1. It is so nice to see you back. Love the video makes me want to sit down and watch a few good musicals.

  2. i LOVE that song! it's one of my most favourite movies I have on vhs. yes who's the new guy?


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