Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hump Day Crafting Roundup #2

...aka the post where I attempt to avoid all "humping" innuendo. (and fail).

Speaking of humping, as I write this, the news on the radio is telling me that "Tiger Woods is undergoing treatment for sexual addiction"...pfft, I'm sorry but personally I think that's a load of bollocks. He could, so he did. End of story. Now there's an ad on the radio for "Total Tools" apt. I don't know about you, but I get a bit fed up hearing about how "hard" celebrites have got it. Gimme a break.

Anyway, the craft, not the humping. The past week has mostly been about a visit from the Fella, so the craft has been a bit neglected...but not the humping. (Okay I can't help myself! Sorry... TMI.) The project of my week has been the beautiful Delilah, who appeared in my inbox last Wednesday afternoon and has been providing me with stitching joy ever since. I'm actually at the stage where I just want to finish it off and hang it up as I want to move onto something new. (Am I the only person with this problem? Once my crafty thing takes shape and I can picture the end result, I lose interest.) Here's Delilah's progress to date:

Alas I will not be able to finish her tonight, as I have fallen victim to a suburban affliction ~ hosting a Tupperware party. Like every hardcore op-shopper, I love vintage Tupperware...but I'm also partial to a nice Rock'n'serve too. Plus Ninja will love the visitors.

[image from here. Yay.]


  1. awww i would have come, I need some tupperware

  2. Cate you are soooo welcome, I just thought the distance might be a bit of a pain in the arse for you? But rock up if you'd like to, I'd love to see ya :P

  3. I love her! You have to explain to me about the you subscribe to get this goodness...and where...and what planet am I from?
    I love the tupperware pic and salad spinners.

  4. i clicked on Delilah and I figured it out! So good!!

  5. Sorry Toni, it was a reference to last week's post where I was saying I bought Delilah from Badbird's Etsy. xx

  6. LOVING Delilah!! And I am the same with needing to finish projects or I lose interest in them.

  7. Shoot, 8 pm! If I'm out that late, it better involve some sort of emergency room scenario. I cannot imagine inviting people over to my house that late!


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