Friday, January 29, 2010


Thank you for your kind words re my glumness. I have big issues with dealing with my depression, as in my previous relationship, my partner thought he was to blame for any unhappiness on my part, and as such didn't like me "being a sad sack all the time." So I struggle with the putting on a happy face thing, as well as feeling guilty for when I feel bad, irritable, or just plan sad. Still working on that one. Today I haven't improved much and had a bit of the meltdown at the chemist trying to get a script because all their computers were down and so it took about 40 minutes to get anything done. And then their EFTPOS didn't work. They were lovely but I was in pain and me being me, instead of cracking the shits, I burst into tears. Oh dear.

Anyway, whining aside, I have been cheering myself up by playing with the blog template (thanks Aimz!) And lunchtime yesterday I indulged in a wee bit of retail therapy to perk myself up:

What did I buy you ask? Those little curvy mirror frames that you can see in the left of the photo. They stick onto the wall (although I've blu-tacked them up) and I put a couple of my favourite postcards that I received in swaps years ago in them. As I'm renting, I've been using those 3M removable picture hooks...but with the hot weather, I had three come off the wall, so I'm a bit loathe now to hang anything solid up above my little glass collection (as two framed prints, and a mirror have fallen off in that spot, but miraculously nothing broke). The curly stuff will also match something I'm currently coveting from Ikea.
The other thing I bought in my cheer-up-retail-therapy was a set of these, I was excited to find them in the gift shop across from work as I'd been eyeing them online but could only find them on overseas sites. Oh and an orange felt table mat from Annabel Trends as you know I'm loving orange these days. When you're depressed, nest? hmm....


  1. I love your house and your style and you. I am sorry you burst into tears. If I lived next door I would come over with Tim Tams and an embroidery hoop for you.
    Bloody 3M. I had 3 pictures projectile off the wall. I am sure those weights on the tv ad are paper mache.

  2. ps - I love the header and the backround! I can't do html. I am a moron.

  3. Aww Toni xxx ta so much.
    Glad it's just not me with the's a poo cause i have solid plaster walls and am renting :( so my options are limited.
    Header and background came with the template, my html skills don't exist much beyond tweaking colours :P

  4. hey girl, no worries on the template thing, and as for the depression etc, you're not alone - me too!


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