Friday, March 22, 2013

Yet more faded days

You could be forgiven for thinking that all I do on the blog these days is compare photos of then and now... at the moment we're frequently trawling the real estate sites for potential homes, and then I get distracted by things like this.  This, of course, is not a viable option for us, but I like to daydream...I'm sure I'm not alone in having a yearning to live in an old converted schoolhouse or church.

So when I found this "schoolhouse" as the listing said, I felt a need for a quick Google (sounds rude!) which  led me to discover that this building is the old Caralulup PS974.  (944 Lexton-Talbot Rd, Burnbank 3371).

 Here it is in 1909 (I've borrowed the photo from here).  Better days - for the school at least.

Some information on the school is as follows (I've borrowed this from the same site.)

63 students at one stage.  If my memory doesn't fail me, that's more than was at my primary school in the 1970s. The "destitute children's clause"...oh dear.  I do think 'Caralulup' is a delightful name though.

So it closed in 1928, and appears to have been converted to a residence - when?...and here it is now, yours for $90,000.

Needs a bit (!) of work inside though.

Was this the old shelter shed?  There's also a derelict tennis court.

I guess I romanticise things, but I do hope someone buys it and gives it some love...imagine how delightful it would be!


  1. For a house that looks so small, I'm wondering where they put 63 kids?

  2. Exactly, I was thinking that too, looks heaps smaller than my primary school and we had 3 separate rooms.

  3. bit of work, but jeepers - $90K?? what a bargain!


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