Monday, March 18, 2013


So so SO glad the weather's cooled down FINALLY.  As I type, the Pudding is asleep on his bed in front of the heater, and I have a nice cup of (tapir) tea.

I borrowed this photo from Green Eggs' Facebook today, because it made me think of one the things I like about early Autumn (that is NORMAL early Autumn weather, not this freaky stuff Melbourne has been having so far)'s still sunny and warm-ish, but not melt your brain hot, and there's a nice chill in the air in the mornings.*  Plus a sunny afternoon field of chickens never goes astray.

I was pondering my craft mojo as I was on the train this afternoon.  It's still missing in action. But then I thought, "Maybe it's never coming back?"...maybe I just took refuge in excessive crafting and the crafty community at a time in my life where I was very unhappy and finding little fulfillment elsewhere.  Perhaps my NEED for crafting is gone...although the desire is still there, but no pressure, just when I feel like making something or merely doing something tactile.  So I decided not worry about my long lost mojo, and just resign myself to being a dilettante crafter. C'est la vie.

*Of course, I'm loathing getting up for work in Winter already...I don't love everything about the cold weather!  When can we win Tattslotto and retire?

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