Tuesday, February 26, 2013

David Jones Winter beauty bag

After this post and this post alerted me to the existence of this great offer at DJ's, I staggered down to the Bourke St Mall in my lunch hour and picked one up. What beauty product did I buy to qualify for the offer? An adorable shower cap, hehe. Big spender, huh?  I had a bit of a snoop around, but the range was a bit overwhelming and I was a bit wobbly (due to an infection in my leg), so I bought something I NEEDED and left it at that. The OPI bar was very appealing, but again, couldn't commit to a colour. I must say I'm delighted at the colour of the nailpolish...I actually went through the bags on offer until I found it. Another blogger has reviewed it here, and I understand what she means, about it looking a different colour in the bottle compared with on your nails, as it is more olive than blue... but that said, I still really love it. I'll have to check what the name of it is again (aforementioned blog reminded me that it's 'Just Spotted the Lizard'), I know it's in the Spiderman mini-pack (which I almost bought). My only gripe with it is that you need lots of coats to get decent coverage...I've put 3 on so far and it still looks patchy. I haven't tried any of the other products yet, besides the David Jones brand moisturiser, which is lovely...I really like their brand of skin care and makeup, it's very good quality and very well priced. Anyway, just a bit of indulgence for me on a day where I was feeling very ordinary, so a good quick pick-me-up never goes astray!

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