Monday, November 12, 2012

Y'know ~

Of late, Facebook has been doing my head in...there's been about two or three people on there that I seriously need to rethink (well, actually it's a no-brainer) my friendship with, who are ALL TAKE AND NO GIVE. And frankly, I'm sick of providing them with a forum for doing it. Alas, in best ball-less style, one I can't tell because at heart they're a nice person and I don't want to hurt them, and the other one...actually I don't know why I've been putting up with their selfish, demanding, pissy temper fits. So anyway, in best passive-aggressive style, instead of deleting them, I'm planning to remove myself for a bit.

Someone else, very ace (well actually her and TS, 'cause he said the same thing) suggested that I stay off it and concentrate on making stuff or doing things I enjoy...instead of just having my evening time sucked away. So let's hope I can reconnect with the me that does stuff again. (By the way, "doing stuff" included blogging.)

Worth a shot anyway.

 Random fact about me : I HATE 'GLEE'. Goddamn.

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