Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stationery and stationary

As I'm into the 7th day of my bronchitis, shopping from the couch has been appealing. Although it should be noted that on days 2 and 3 of being sick, I still went to work, so I don't feel as much of a pathetic lump as I could. I am VERY OVER being sick though, and not being able to breathe properly has been wearing me out. I'm fed up with listening to my own chest orchestra throughout the night. I missed a meditation course yesterday that I'd planned to attend with a dear friend, and I'm not over the disappointment from that yet either. Anyway, whinging aside, I indulged myself by ordering a new diary and fountain pen from today. I also couldn't resist adding in a roll of washi tape. So now I'll wait for my goodies to arrive this week. In lieu of any pics of my own, here's one from Notemaker's Flickr:

And remember, I have been stationary, Notemaker sell stationery.

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